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  • The Wheel of Positivity: Oorja Wheel

    Fear and stress are natural responses to perceived threats at the time of uncertainty. It is understandable if people are experiencing fear of contracting the coronavirus in this pandemic. Added to the fear, there are significant changes in our daily lives as our movements are restricted in support of efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Coping up with the new normal of working from home, home-schooling of children, temporary unemployment, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends, and colleagues, it is important that we look after our physical, as well as our mental health. Oorja Wheel is one such product. It is not only a luxury home décor item but also a great way of balancing energies and spreading positive vibes. How Oorja Wheel spreads the Oorja? True to its tagline “energises, focuses, and mesmerises”, Oorja Wheel is marvellous and ingenious wall décor. It helps you concentrate and meditate to cope up with stress and anxiety issues. The marvellous Oorja Wheel comes in a variety of colours and is an absolute colour therapist for you. Pre-configured with specific symptoms, Oorja Wheel heals with soothing colours. It balances the positive and negative energies and makes it an ideal space. An Oorja Wheel looks stunning and makes your wall lively, which makes it an extremely marvellous wall décor. · Helps in mindfulness activities (meditation): The Oorja Wheel is a blessing in disguise. This wheel of positivity helps you go into the mediative state just by looking at it. The rotational nature of the wheel creates amazing effects that cool and calms the mind. · Vastu and Energy Healing: The clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations of the Oorja Wheel balances the energies of the place where it is placed and makes the environment around you positive. This positive energy particularly helps you become more productive with your daily work inside the house and maintain peace and harmony with your loved ones inside the house. · It Comes in Great Designs: The Oorja Wheel comes in many great designs to choose from. It is crafted with utmost precision keeping the aesthetics in mind. Sound aesthetics and symmetry of a place help in focusing more that shows in your productivity. It automatically uplifts your mood from cringy to smiling with the positive and happy vibrations in the very important room. Oorja Wheel is not only an ingenious wall décor but also a wheel that generates positive vibes and makes the environment positive and happy. Staying happy, feeling productive, maintaining peace and harmony, and having good mental health is very important. We are still transitioning and adjusting to the new normal of working from home, home-schooling of children, temporary unemployment, etc. and we must prioritize our health and well-being.

  • Let's know about the Oorja wheel

    We have just launched this product in India and we are ready to ship worldwide. The product video link is here And the website is It is made of very high quality wood and machines are housed in a very sturdy aluminium body. Currently available in 5 designs and 3 feet diameter. Weighs about 6 kgs and hangs on a supplied nail. The machine is operated using mobile via bluetooth connections. The apparatus is used for meditation and highly customisable colours and precursors are available for or the following usages Astrology Birthstones Zodiac signs Colour therapy Chakras Very soon we are going to introduce guided meditation wherein the device will interact and act with the users. Additionally, preconfigured fun packs for kids for flag colors, flower colors etc are available and will be made available on the go via the app. It has full spectrum color dial which can be used to set colors according to mood or interior decoration needs. It has random color and movements which are quite mesmerising to see in action. Last buy not the least: It is an absolutely stunning interior decoration artifact. Makes your full walls very lively. People who have seen in the video and then seen it live tell us that it's 10x more impressive and attractive live when you compare both experiences. Runs on wall electricity and as I said before, operated by mobile. Website is already accepting orders and we are inviting business associates who can help grow business in different parts of the world. I hope I have put in enough details which is also going to reflect in the website very soon (work in progress). In the hope to receive blessings from you. Startup by : Kaiten Solutions LLP

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  • Paikrama

    Parikrama Oorja Wheel Parikrama means Rotation The name denotes the rotational nature of the Oorja Wheel. The clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations of the Oorja Wheel create unique effects that cool and calms your mind. “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” Shop Now Parikrama Parikrama is the circumambulation of sacred entities, and the path along which this is performed, as practiced in the Indic religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. In Buddhism, it refers only to the path along which this is performed. ​ The name denotes the rotational nature of the Oorja Wheel. The clockwise and counter-clockwise rotations of the Oorja Wheel create amazing effects that cool and calms your mind. Shop Now More Designs Ananta Read More Moksha Read More Maitreya Read More Wall Decor | Home Decor | Kinetic Sculpture

  • Oorja Wheel

    Marvellous and ingenious wall decor. Balances the negative and positive energies of your space. Helps you concentrate or meditate. Shop Now Our Amazing Designs Quick View Ananta Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Quick View Moksha Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Quick View Parikrama Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Quick View Maitreya Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Quick View Sattva Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Quick View Seed of life Oorja Wheel Add to Cart Amazing Wall Decor Oorja Wheel Looking at Oorja Wheel allows you to go into a meditative state very quickly and easily. Shop All Balances the negative and positive energies of your space While the Oorja wheel allows you to meditate effortlessly, it helps in boosting positive energies in the place it is installed. Made with premium wood and aluminium, Oorja Wheel is a marvellous piece of engineering designed just for you. The product is made with really very high standards and is not a knock-off lightweight breakable plastic-based product. It is made using serious work with wood, metal, mechanical, electronics, electrical, and computer science combination. You must see it to believe it. Our Story Controlled By App Available on Android and IOS App Store Both Mobile Bluetooth controlled Lights & Colors controls Oorja Wheel is different from other Kinetic Sculptures out there. Main features: ​ Operated using wall electricity - Never need to wind or stop Controls using our dedicated mobile application and connects to your mobile (phone/tab/iPad) using Bluetooth Has full-colour dynamic light in the back so gives an amazing ambient effect Has a Bluetooth music system that you can use to play music from your mobile phone/tab/iPad etc All features - light, rotation, and music - are fully controlled and configurable using the mobile app How It Works Install Android App Everything You Need to Know About Oorja Wheel. No Spam, We Promise. Subscribe Now and Get INR 5,000 off your purchase Enter your email here Subscribe Thanks for submitting!

  • Forum | Oorja Wheel

    To see this working, head to your live site. Categories All Posts My Posts Forum Welcome! Have a look around and join the discussions. Create New Post General Discussion Share stories, ideas, pictures and more! Views Posts 3 Follow Questions & Answers Get answers and share knowledge. Views Posts 0 Follow New Posts Ravin S Jun 23 Welcome to the Forum General Discussion Share your thoughts. Feel free to add GIFs, videos, hashtags and more to your posts and comments. Get started by commenting below. 0 comments 0 0 Ravin S Jun 23 Introduce yourself General Discussion We'd love to get to know you better. Take a moment to say hi to the community in the comments. 0 comments 0 0 Ravin S Jun 23 Forum rules General Discussion We want everyone to get the most out of this community, so we ask that you please read and follow these guidelines: Respect each other Keep posts relevant to the forum topic No spamming 0 comments 0 0 Forum - Frameless

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