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Seed Of Life Oorja Wheel

The Seed Of Life is a Universal Symbol Of Creation

The Seed of Life symbol, with its seven interconnected circles, symbolizes the interconnection of life on Earth and universal existence. It also symbolizes that all life originated from a single source in a divine plan.

"It takes time and patience to plant a seed and wait for the plant to rise and become full in its expression"

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Amazing Handmade Design 

Heal your place with Positive Energy


Made by Birch Ply Wood 

Native to Europe and parts of Asia

Wood Products
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Seed Of Life

The chakras are represented through these circles. Each chakra vibrates on a different wavelength. The first 8 chakras are the main ones, with the eight being located about two feet above your head. There are 13 different frequencies and in total, 13 chakras. There is the same pattern found in music. There are 13 notes, the 13th note being the first note of the following octave and following this pattern.

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