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Let's know about the Oorja wheel

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

We have just launched this product in India and we are ready to ship worldwide.

The product video link is here

And the website is

It is made of very high quality wood and machines are housed in a very sturdy aluminium body. Currently available in 5 designs and 3 feet diameter. Weighs about 6 kgs and hangs on a supplied nail.

The machine is operated using mobile via bluetooth connections.

The apparatus is used for meditation and highly customisable colours and precursors are available for or the following usages



Zodiac signs

Colour therapy


Very soon we are going to introduce guided meditation wherein the device will interact and act with the users.

Additionally, preconfigured fun packs for kids for flag colors, flower colors etc are available and will be made available on the go via the app.

It has full spectrum color dial which can be used to set colors according to mood or interior decoration needs.

It has random color and movements which are quite mesmerising to see in action.

Last buy not the least: It is an absolutely stunning interior decoration artifact. Makes your full walls very lively. People who have seen in the video and then seen it live tell us that it's 10x more impressive and attractive live when you compare both experiences.

Runs on wall electricity and as I said before, operated by mobile.

Website is already accepting orders and we are inviting business associates who can help grow business in different parts of the world.

I hope I have put in enough details which is also going to reflect in the website very soon (work in progress).

In the hope to receive blessings from you.

Startup by : Kaiten Solutions LLP

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