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Story of Oorja Wheel

Oorja Wheel reimagines the kinetic wall sculpture. Merges the good old handicraft with trendy technology. Pushes the boundary of wall decore to be very functional, feature-rich and life-enhancing.


Birch Wood

We use birch wood in the making of Oorja Wheel. It's a strong, hard, and heavy wood that possesses good shock resistance. Birch wood is extremely strong. It has relatively high compressive strength and bending strength than most other woods.

Making of Oorja Wheel

Oorja Wheel is made with very high precision and a meticulously thought-through process. 

Best quality material is used in crafting one. 

Carpenter Craving in Wood
Wood Products


Oorja Wheel is hand-polished by highly trained artisans. They sand and sand it again until the wheel is geometrically perfect. Multiple coats of a custom blend of high-quality colours are then applied to give it an ultra-premium finish.

Endless Time Rotation

We are using electric machines for endless rotation of the wheel.  The machine is multifunctional. 

 -Electrically operated
- Mobile Bluetooth controlled
- Rotation of wheels
- Speed
- Direction
- Randomise
- Lights controls
- Intensity
- Color of your choosing
- Randomise
- Sound
- Play from your mobile via any application like your headset

Oorja Wheel App

The first idea was to build a large wooden machine that would run for a "long" time. We decided it should be weight driven so that would have to deal with power cords and electric motors. Our first “kinetic sculpture” was a 3-foot-tall freestanding monster that run with an electric motor powered by a 6 k.g. weight. But it moved and that was all that mattered. We named it Oorja Wheel. The only reason for the name is we felt positive energy from Wheel.


Most of Oorja Wheel was a supporting base. We decided to change orientation and instead mount a sculpture on the wall to simplify the construction. My first wall piece was called Ananta Oorja Wheel

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