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The Wheel of Positivity: Oorja Wheel


Fear and stress are natural responses to perceived threats at the time of uncertainty. It is understandable if people are experiencing fear of contracting the coronavirus in this pandemic. Added to the fear, there are significant changes in our daily lives as our movements are restricted in support of efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Coping up with the new normal of working from home, home-schooling of children, temporary unemployment, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends, and colleagues, it is important that we look after our physical, as well as our mental health. Oorja Wheel is one such product. It is not only a luxury home décor item but also a great way of balancing energies and spreading positive vibes.

How Oorja Wheel spreads the Oorja?

True to its tagline “energises, focuses, and mesmerises”, Oorja Wheel is marvellous and ingenious wall décor. It helps you concentrate and meditate to cope up with stress and anxiety issues. The marvellous Oorja Wheel comes in a variety of colours and is an absolute colour therapist for you. Pre-configured with specific symptoms, Oorja Wheel heals with soothing colours.

It balances the positive and negative energies and makes it an ideal space. An Oorja Wheel looks stunning and makes your wall lively, which makes it an extremely marvellous wall décor.

· Helps in mindfulness activities (meditation): The Oorja Wheel is a blessing in disguise. This wheel of positivity helps you go into the mediative state just by looking at it. The rotational nature of the wheel creates amazing effects that cool and calms the mind.

· Vastu and Energy Healing: The clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations of the Oorja Wheel balances the energies of the place where it is placed and makes the environment around you positive. This positive energy particularly helps you become more productive with your daily work inside the house and maintain peace and harmony with your loved ones inside the house.

· It Comes in Great Designs: The Oorja Wheel comes in many great designs to choose from. It is crafted with utmost precision keeping the aesthetics in mind. Sound aesthetics and symmetry of a place help in focusing more that shows in your productivity. It automatically uplifts your mood from cringy to smiling with the positive and happy vibrations in the very important room.

Oorja Wheel is not only an ingenious wall décor but also a wheel that generates positive vibes and makes the environment positive and happy. Staying happy, feeling productive, maintaining peace and harmony, and having good mental health is very important. We are still transitioning and adjusting to the new normal of working from home, home-schooling of children, temporary unemployment, etc. and we must prioritize our health and well-being.

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