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Spin the Wheel of Happiness: Oorja Wheel - A Kinetic Symphony for Corporate Gifting, Housewarming Bliss, and Anniversary Elegance!

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Rotating sound Sculpture: Wall-decor

Energises . Focuses . Mesmerises

What sets Oorja Wheel apart as a unique corporate gift?

Oorja Wheel transcends traditional corporate gifts by combining functionality, kinetic art, and technological innovation. It's a distinctive and memorable choice that goes beyond the ordinary.

Can Oorja Wheel be personalized for corporate branding purposes?

Yes, Oorja Wheel offers customization options, allowing companies to incorporate their logo or branding elements. It's an excellent way to create a lasting impression aligned with corporate identity.

Why should I consider Oorja Wheel as a unique housewarming gift?

Oorja Wheel is not just a piece of wall decor; it's a functional and kinetic work of art that brings positive energy and a touch of luxury to any home. Its rotation, light, and music features create a mesmerizing atmosphere, making it a perfect and memorable addition to any new home.

Can Oorja Wheel be a thoughtful anniversary gift?

Absolutely! Oorja Wheel's timeless design and unique features make it an exceptional anniversary gift. Its ability to induce a meditative state and its color therapy aspects contribute to a romantic and harmonious atmosphere, perfect for celebrating years of togetherness.

How is Oorja Wheel operated, and does it require specific devices?

Oorja Wheel is operated through a dedicated mobile app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This ensures ease of control, allowing users to manage its rotation, light, and music features effortlessly.

What are the available sizes for the Oorja Wheel?

Oorja Wheel comes in three standard sizes: 2 feet, 3 feet, and 4 feet. Additionally, we offer customization options, allowing you to choose sizes up to 8 feet to suit your specific preferences.


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Color Change 

  • Light Control

  • Selection Color

  • Random Color

  • Light Intensity

Controlled by Mobile Application

Wheel Rotation 

  • Speed Direction

  • Random

  • Rotation


  • Play Anything from mobile

  • Any kind of music from any music app

Sizes - 2 Feet, 3 Feet, 4 Feet

Starting Price - ₹ 34,999 (Including GST)

Our Story

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic three years ago, our company was born with a mission to assist individuals in finding solace through meditation while also offering an exquisite range of wall decor. Allow us to introduce Oorja Wheel - an extraordinary rotating wall decor that has the power to metamorphose any room into a luxurious and versatile space. With its customizable lighting, Bluetooth sound capabilities, and seamless rotation, Oorja Wheel emerges as the ideal addition to both residential and professional settings.

For the last 3 years, we are exporting to the USA, UK, Europe, and other countries. Now we have launched the same in India also.
#Team Oorja Wheel

Satisfied Customers

"A really cool addition to our rec room. It’s built and finished to excellent standards and everyone who sees it loves it"

Joan Marks

"Got exactly what I was expecting. I've recommended the Oorja Wheel to many of my friends and would highly recommend to anyone else looking for a quality piece of interactive artwork"

Raymond Souza

"I must say the product is amazing. Will absolutely be adding more to our collection! Thanks once again for all your help! Bless"

Maggie Stalk

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